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Tonight Paul the audiobook reviewer and his bearded beer drinking book blogging co-host Brian Krespan have narrators Sarah Puckett and Lacy Laurel. Author Dakota Willink. Romance book bloggers Brandie Lueth and Krystyn Stefanu. About: Good Romance, Bad Romance, Curing Dr Vincent, Erotica, Duel Narration, Duet Narration, Single Narration, Narrator Fails, Audiobooks, Sex, New Adult, Trigger Warnings, Pseudonyms, Zach Weber, Sebastian York, Andi Arndt, Aaron Mallon, Joe Hempel, Tanya Ebby, Melissa Moran, Erin DeWard, Noah Levine, Jeffrey Kafer, Xe Sands, Sean Pratt, Working Actors, ACX, Steve Campbell, LJ Evans

Paul Stokes (Audiobook Reviewer)

Paul Stokes is the founder and driving force behind and the Audiobook Listeners Choice Awards and now this new venture. Affectionately named "Audiobooks After Dark" as is "After Work" not in the dirty way I have now heard about. Thi is a way for him to blow off some steam and have some fun in the process.

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